Succeeding in your first Accounting Job


You just bagged your first job in accounting – congratulations! But now what? The transition from studying accounting to practicing it can be intimidating. Professionals are expected to operate across a variety of standards, and firms want to see their new hires as valuable. Our experts from Solution In (Training) bring to you 3 major tips to stay afloat in the challenge:

Practice Time Management

Show up to work on time – or even ahead of schedule. It will give you time to settle in and plan out your day. Have a look over what your tasks are for the day and divide your time wisely. Make sure you don’t get distracted by your phone. You don’t necessarily need to turn it off during work (depending on the company policy) but you must keep the checks to a minimum. Keep the leisure activity for scheduled breaks. Before you finish for the day, set aside 10 minutes to make a note of all you’ve accomplished today. This will allow you to keep track of your progress as well as provide your boss with updates if needed.

Be Eager to Learn

If you come across something you’ve never worked on before, don’t be afraid. Do your research, ask questions, and practice. Always be open to taking on new tasks – even if it doesn’t directly fit your job description. When your boss doesn’t have time to complete a task, they might ask you to do it. Don’t complain – in fact treat it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Sometimes this might mean new challenging projects, and sometimes it could just be mundane administrative work, but what matters is you putting in your best effort. Finally, request a weekly or fortnightly check-in with your boss to get feedback on your progress and to discuss further training.

Network with your colleagues

Make your workplace your comfort zone simply reaching out to your colleagues for a coffee or lunch. Get insights into their jobs. Try and understand their work ethic, and even pick up tips from them. You’ll realize as you go that no one bites! In fact, often, your co-workers will be up for a friendly chat every now and then – just make sure to not interrupt them during their busy schedules! And of course, they can be there to help when you’re struggling with something, being a new hire. Remember to express gratitude when they do!


In the end, while the technical knowledge is important, so is your “soft” skill-set. Your attitude towards your work life can go a long way in helping you succeed in your first. In accounting, the learning never stops!

Solution In understands your needs, whether you’re a student about to graduate or a newbie to the industry, which is why we provide training programs that offer first-class accounting skills as well as professional development. You can practice all the necessary capabilities with hands-on learning in a real-world accounting firm and take a step forward in your career. Contact us on 0405012345 or today to find out more!

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